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Ontario expanding eligibility for second COVID-19 vaccine doses

With a majority of Ontario adults having received a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and over three million doses of the Moderna vaccine arriving in June, the province is continuing to accelerate its vaccine rollout by expanding eligibility for second doses ahead of schedule.

  • As of Monday, June 21, 2021 at 8:00 a.m., all Ontarians who received their first dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine on or before May 9, 2021 will be eligible to book or rebook their second dose appointment at a shortened interval.
  • As of Wednesday, June 23, 2021 at 8:00 a.m., individuals who received their first dose of an mRNA vaccine on or before May 30, 2021 and who live in the catchment area of one of the 10 public health units identified as Delta hot spots (Durham, Halton, Hamilton, Peel, Porcupine, Simcoe-Muskoka, Toronto, Waterloo, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph, and York public health units) will be eligible to book or rebook their second dose appointment at a shortened interval.
  • Starting the week of June 28, 2021 (days / sequence to be confirmed) all Ontarians aged 18 and over who have received their first dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine will be eligible to book their second dose appointment. The appointment will be scheduled at least 28 days after the first dose, per the recommended interval.

Canada is easing its travel restrictions. Here’s what you need to know

After more than a year of travel restrictions that have impacted most Canadians, the federal government has finally begun to ease the rules, the CBC is reporting.

Ottawa has embarked on Phase 1 of a multiphase approach to lift its travel restrictions. However, the government warns that the process will be gradual — based on scientific data and not people’s pleas to reopen the borders.

Here’s what changes are happening soon and what to expect as more Canadians get vaccinated.

Restaurants Canada Spring 2021 Digital Marketplace
With patios opening around the country, it’s a perfect time to review your current setup, consider new money-saving products or services, or explore menu options that may bring in new revenue. To help operators as they prep for reopening, Restaurants Canada has a 2021 spring digital marketplace guide. Find out more
Employment Standards Act Update
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ontario government put into effect an emergency leave regulation that changed certain Employment Standards Act (ESA) rules during the “COVID-19 period.” This regulation has now been amended to extend the COVID-19 period through September 25, 2021.
Tourism Industry Announces Campaign for Reopening the Canada-US Border
The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) has announced the launch of a new campaign to call on the federal government to plan for reopening the Canada-U.S. border, which has been closed for nearly 15 months. The campaign focuses on getting Canadian decision-makers to acknowledge the urgent need and to commit to a date to open the border, before the summer tourism season is lost. Find out more
City of Welland
For Immediate Releas
JUNE 11, 2021
Welland, ON – The City of Welland Public Works Division will be reinstating the following services as part of our Covid-19, Step 1 transition plan.

Commencing Monday, June 14, 2021, Public Works staff will enter homes by appointment only for the following:
1)   Sewer Rodding of sanitary sewer laterals.
2)   CCTV inspections of sanitary sewer laterals.
3)   Water Meter inspections (real estate transactions)
4)  Water meter general maintenance, inspection and new meter installs.
5)  CCTV of sanitary sewer Laterals for SWAP program.

In order to ensure physical distancing and safe work practices, residents/owners calling to schedule any of the above noted services will be required to meet the following “No Contact” requirements:
1)   Complete a City of Welland Covid-19 questionnaire to meet accessibility requirements, which may or may not allow City staff to enter the premises.
2)    The resident / owner must ensure the work area is clear of all obstructions. City staff will not move items to access the required workspace. If the workspace is not clear and safe, the resident / owner will be required to re-schedule the appointment.
3)   Residents/ owners must maintain physical distancing of 2 meters (6 feet) when staff arrive on site and must remove themselves from the immediate work area/room.

To schedule any of the above noted services please call 905-735-1700—Ext 3000 between the hours of 7:00am and 3:00pm.

Upcoming Ministry of Labour COVID-19 Enforcement Campaigns

Good afternoon Councillors,

You may remember that we have previously worked with a provincial team led by the Ministry of Labour to conduct enforcement campaigns in Niagara. News articles around the two previous campaigns, one in mid-December and another in late January, can be found here:

Cabinet minister calls out Niagara businesses over lax COVID plans | NiagaraFallsReview.ca

‘Extremely disappointing’: Niagara big-box store blitz turns up compliance issues | The Star

Unfortunately as the above headlines illustrate, while many businesses were doing a good job, there were still a significant number of businesses in Niagara that had gaps in their preventive measures.

As we are beginning to reopen, we have re-engaged the Ministry of Labour to do an additional enforcement campaign to help get Niagara as prepared as possible as more people return to work in person, and the public begins to visit establishments again.

We have confirmed a 2 part campaign going forward with the first part later this week into the weekend, and then the same next week:

·         June 17 to 19

·         June 24 to 26

We have advised the Ministry of Labour on workplace settings that have more commonly seen outbreaks in Niagara (e.g. greenhouses, manufacturing) and those settings will be prioritized during this enforcement campaign. Enforcement agents will be visiting all municipalities in Niagara.

Of course, these campaigns are a more intense, but short-term supplement to the regular enforcement activity that takes place in Niagara daily through Local Area Municipal bylaw offices, the Region’s Business Licensing office, and the Niagara Regional Police. We think these campaigns are a useful complement to other enforcement activity taking place, and help fulfill Council’s direction in November to have more enforcement for COVID-19 prevention measures.

We hope that the findings of the last campaign, and our promotion of resources in the interim, as well as our advice phone line for businesses, had led to improved measures out in the community, and we will see more positive headlines with this campaign.


M. Mustafa Hirji, MD MPH FRCPC
Medical Officer of Health & Commissioner (Acting)
Niagara Region Public Health & Emergency Services

City of Welland
For Immediate Release
JUNE 15, 2021
Welland, ON – Starting Thursday, June 17, 2021, the bridge over the Canadian Pacific (CP) Railway on HWY 58, immediately south of HWY 58A/Townline Tunnel Road, is to undergo rehabilitation and is expected to be completed the end of August, 2021.

Southbound traffic coming from Prince Charles Drive will be rerouted to HWY 140 and detour signs will be posted. To help improve traffic flow for the detour route, temporary traffic lights have been installed at the intersection of Netherby Road and HWY 140. The bridge will be limited to northbound traffic only. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Visit https://www.welland.ca/Traffic/Construction.asp

Order Rapid Test Kits Today

What you need to know.

  1. Any business that is in any of the South Niagara Chambers of Commerce areas that employs 150 people or less can access this program.

  2. Fill out the following form to order your tests.

  3. Once your order is received and packaged, you will be notified by your local Chamber of Commerce.  Please do not visit our offices until your time for pickup has been scheduled and you have received your confirmation email.

  4. Each company should assign a Screening Supervisor Designate, who will be the contact person.

  5. If you have multiple businesses, please fill out one form per business.

What you need to know before you arrive.

  1. All visitors must complete and PASS a COVID-19 assessment before entering the premises.

  2. Check-in at registration and provide the completed PASP (Provincial Antigen Screening Program) form. Click here to download the agreement form. Please bring a printed copy of the completed form when you pick up your kits.

  3. You will be required to watch a 5-minute training video during your initial pick-up.

  4. Capacity limited to 1 visitor at any one time.

  5. Masks and physical distancing are mandatory while in the building.

Book a time to pick up your tests

We will be taking appointments for test pick-ups once a week at our Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, and Welland offices. We will also have a weekly appointment day at Stolk Construction in Port Colborne. A representative from our office will be in touch to arrange a pickup time at your designated location.

 Prior to your arrival, you must watch this video

Here is an additional training video specific to your kit.

To book your appointment please fill out the online form.

We will respond with a confirmation email and more information. Thank you.

Upon your arrival

  • Sign the PASP Agreement

  • Wear a mask when entering the building

  • Maintain social distancing

Test Kit Order Form
City of Welland
For Immediate Release

JUNE 16, 2021

Welland, ON – The City of Welland is continuing with its mandatory Water Meter Replacement Program. The 2021 program will see approximately 1500 meters replaced and will begin on June 21, 2021. This program is a mandatory program under By-Laws # 2004-119 and # 2017-143.
The City has partnered with and contracted Neptune Technology Group to complete this work. The Neptune Technology Group has been involved in this industry for over 120 years. They have a proven track record of successful partnerships with Canadian water utilities and industry representatives from coast to coast.

This project will ensure the continued accuracy of the water meter and allow for remote meter reading instead of manual reading, thus creating efficiencies within the system.

The City of Welland and Neptune Technology group have developed Covid-19 safety measures and protocols to protect the resident and the worker during the replacement process.

The Neptune Technology Group will contact you on behalf of the City to schedule an appointment. They operate a fully functional customer service center with trained customer service representatives. You can expect to receive a notification via mail or phone (if your number is available) containing information on booking your appointment. If you are a tenant, please contact the building owner when you receive this information. Please do not contact Neptune until you received the notice. Follow-up notices will be forwarded as required.

Please ensure the area around the existing water meter is clear and accessible and leave ample room for the technician to work. Your existing shut-off valve should be located where the water service comes into your house. Check your main water shut-off valve to make sure it is operable.

All Neptune employees involved with this project have completed extensive in-class and in-field training programs for meter installation and operation and have the knowledge to complete the work using industry best practices. It is our commitment to ensure customer service and quality assurance.
When the Neptune representative arrives to complete the scheduled work, they will have the Neptune Technology Group logo on their vehicle. In addition, they will present themselves at the door with a photo ID badge identifying them as Water Meter Installer. The badge will have their name, identification number, and bar code. Please ensure that they present their colour ID badge that contains this vital information before entering. The upgrade procedure requires approximately 30-90 minutes to complete, during which time the water will be shut off for a brief period. There is no charge for the meter or the installation.

For concerns or questions regarding the installation please contact 905 735 1700 ext. 3000

Ontario caps 2022 residential rent increases at 1.2%

Based on the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI), the guideline on rent increases for 2022 in Ontario is 1.2 per cent. The CPI is a measure of inflation calculated monthly by Statistics Canada using data that reflects economic conditions over the past year.

The guideline applies to most residential rental accommodations covered by the Residential Tenancies Act. It does not apply to rental units in buildings occupied for the first time after November 15, 2018, social housing units, long-term care homes or commercial property.

The rent increase guideline is the maximum most landlords can raise a tenant’s rent without the approval of the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). It is applicable to most rent increases between January 1 and December 31, 2022.

Ontario has frozen rent for the vast majority of tenants in 2021. To support renters, the 2021 rent increase guideline was set at 0 per cent.

Rent increases are not automatic or mandatory. Landlords may only raise rent if they gave tenants at least 90 days written notice using the correct form. In most cases, the rent increase cannot be more than the rent increase guideline. In addition, at least 12 months must have passed since the first day of the tenancy or the last rent increase.


Niagara Medical Officer of Health offers COVID-19 briefing


COVID-19 vaccination clinic dates added for the first week of July

New Niagara Region Public Health COVID-19 clinic dates have been added to the provincial portal. Appointments are now available from July 1 – 7, in Pelham at the Meridian Community Centre.

Demand for clinics is expected to be very high. Residents are encouraged to sign up as quickly as possible, especially if they have not yet had their first dose.

More information around eligibility can be found at niagararegion.ca/covid-vaccine.

Eligible residents can book an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination either online through the provincial portal at Ontario.ca/bookvaccine or by calling the provincial booking system at 1-833-943-3900.

City of Welland
For Immediate Release
JUNE 17, 2021

Welland, ON – Campaigning has begun for the Ward 3 By-Election. At the request of Council, staff have prepared safe campaigning practices for the candidates. During the COVID-19 Pandemic information regarding Safe COVID-19 Practices for Campaigning is included in the candidates’ nomination package they receive when they file nomination papers with the City Clerk.

Candidates are encouraged to do the following if campaigning door to door:
  1.  Complete a COVID-19 Screening Sheet each day before heading out to campaign.
  2. Wear masks that cover their nose to chin when they are going door to door.
  3. Consider wearing safety glasses or another form of protection for their eyes.
  4. Maintain a distance of about 8 feet from electors when going door-to-door.
  5. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with them to use throughout the day. Sanitizing wipes should be used for cleaning any surfaces they may touch.

Nominations close June 25, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. (Nomination Day).
Voting Day is August 9, 2021
All information is available by visiting this link https://www.welland.ca/Elections/2021By-Election.asp
Information about COVID-19 is evolving. Guidance from the Federal and Provincial governments changes often. Refer to Niagara Region’s website for up-to-date information www.niagararegion.ca/COVID19 or the COVID-19 Info-Line 905-688-8248 press 7 Toll-free: 1-888-505-6074
– 30 –
Tara Stephens
City Clerk
Corporate Services
905 735-1700 Ext. 2159  
Federal Assistance for Business
The Federal Government offers a variety of relief programs and grants for small businesses, employees and self-employed individuals, from assistance for Indigenous business owners to low-interest loans for highly affected sectors. Find Assistance and check back regularly for new or updated supports.
Provincial Assistance

Find out what funding is currently available from the Government of Ontario, if you’re eligible, and what you need to apply.
Governmental Financial Support and Resources

Upcoming Events

Espresso Live with Dr. Hirji, June 24, 1:00pm

Join us for news on COVID-19, vaccination progress and other health updates from Dr. M. Hirji, Medical Officer of Health and Commisioner, Public Health, Niagara Region.

Lunch & Learn: Customer Insight and Engagement, June 29, 12:00pm

Learn what motivates customers to choose you, and keep choosing you. Businesses are in a constant battle to both attract new customers and maintain the loyalty of current customers. Learn how to get and keep new customers, satisfy your loyal ones, and more in this interactive, online Lunch & Learn session.

Business After 5, July 6, 5:00pm

Join us for our online Business After 5 series! The Featured Member for July is Snap E Bike Rentals. 2021 BA5 Series presented by Meridian.
City of Welland
For Immediate Release
JUNE 16, 2021
Welland, ON – Last evening Council directed the City Clerk to amend the Traffic and Parking By-law 89-2000 to include 289 Daimler Parkway and the unassumed roads within the Central/South Village subdivision to the City of Welland Municipal/ Private Property Schedule of By-law 89-2000.
The amendment was at the request of property owners to assist with issues caused by the operation of motorized vehicles (dirt bikes, ATVs, etc.) on the closed Hunters Pointe Golf Course (HPGC) property.
Parking Enforcement Officers will now be allowed to enter the private lands at the property owner’s request to enforce parking regulations. In addition, Parking Enforcement will help prevent motorists from loading/ unloading off-road vehicles and parking their vehicles at the two locations requested.
Signage will be posted at the entrance and exit of the property to inform those that unauthorized parking and trespassing is not permitted and will be addressed as per Traffic and Parking By-law 89-2000. Fine for parking on private property without consent is $25.00, those who violate the trespassing act can be fined by Niagara Regional Police. 
Best regards,

Alexis Higginbotham
Executive Director
60 East Main Street
Welland, ON
L3B 3X4
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