Becoming a Member

You become a BIA member by locating your business within the geographic boundaries of the “Business Improvement Area” (BIA). These Boundaries were defined in By-Law #6157 (1975) of the City of Welland and can be viewed here.

Member Benefits

The Board is setting the Pace for business in Downtown Welland in four specific ways (PACE). Through the PACE program your Board is able to strategically focus on the 4 areas in order to support and promote the Businesses and or services of the Members and the BIA to work effectively and efficiently for the greater good of the Downtown.

  • Promotions
  • Advocacy
  • Communications
  • Events

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Member Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as a member and part of the team?

In order for us to maintain the idea of a Safe, Clean, Welcoming Downtown we all need to work together and it starts outside your front door.

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Membership Costs

What does my Membership cost?

The cost of your membership levy is based upon your commercial assessment. If you are the property owner or you pay the levy (part of your tax) if you are the tenant, you may pay indirectly through your rent or cover a portion of the levy through your lease agreement.

When do I pay for my membership levy?

You pay for your membership levy when you pay your business taxes. If you have any questions regarding your levy contact the City 905 735 1700 or

Membership Participation

What can I do for myself, as a member?

In order to maximize the benefits of the Board and your business you need to PACE yourself, take advantage of the Boards services and participate.

The following are suggestions on how to take advantage of the opportunities for your business:

  1. Open your BIA mail – whether it is delivered or e-blasted (with permission) stay connected.
  2. Meet with the Executive Director, express your likes and dislikes as well as your goals and how you view your Downtown
  3. Attend any seminars, meetings, or networking events that take place to help your business and educate you on the up comings.
  4. General Meetings are held on the first Monday of every month unless it is a holiday where the meeting is then moved to the second Monday. We do not meet in July. For location, times, agenda and minutes please visit
  5. Attend the Annual General meeting (takes place in the fourth quarter of the calendar year, invitations are delivered in September.)
  6. Participate in the Boards events
  7. Talk to other members in the Downtown, there is a wealth of creativity and knowledge within our Business Community.
  8. RSVP when asked because it helps the Board spend your money wisely and know who and what to expect.
  9. Utilize Free Social Media to its full potential.
  10. Let us know what you have going on and how we can help, as well as if your contact information changes.
  11. Don’t be a stranger – we all have the same goal.

For our latest Agendas & Minutes please visit: City of Welland – Committees – Welland Downtown Business Improvement Area