Feature: Dietrick’s – Men’s Clothier
50 years is a long time. 50 years is a milestone age, it’s half a century, and it’s long time to work the same job. That’s where Dietrick Motiak comes in.
Many people know of Dietrick’s men’s clothing store in Downtown Welland, despite the little advertising that he does. Dietrick is an extraordinary, hard-working, humble man who has owned and operated his store since 1971. This August marks the 50th Anniversary of Dietrick’s business, and even with his great success, many people might not know his story.
Dietrick Motiak moved to Canada from Austria with his family when he was just 3 years old. He originally lived in Niagara Falls, then moved to Welland as a teenager. During his early years as a young man, Dietrick worked for a clothing store in Welland, but always had aspirations to go off on his own and start his own shop, which is exactly what he did. The year that he did this was a busy year to say the least. Not only was he making a big life decision to purchase his first (and final) store, but he was also getting married to love of his life, Ginette.
Almost 50 years ago when Dietrick purchased his shop on 24 Cross Street, he actually only owned half of it. The other half belonged to a small wool shop, which eventually came to be the other half Dietrick’s store that we know and love today. But that’s not all the expanding that Dietrick did. You might notice that Dietrick’s clothing store is all on one level, what is on the level above him? Well, the answer to that, is his home. Dietrick purchased the upper level of his stores’ building, renovated the old offices up there for three years, and made it a home for him, his wife, and their two daughters Jessica and Jennifer. So, luckily for Dietrick, his commute to work doesn’t take too long in the morning.
Dietrick’s daughters describe him as a one-man show. His consistency and commitment to his clientele have carried him through some adversities. When the Seaway Mall was built in Welland, Dietrick admits to losing some business. The mall had flashy, trendy stores that could potentially steal some customers. Dietrick stayed true to his values and continued to carry quality clothing, both casual and dress wear. He still combines up to date styling, great service, and amazing prices which include in-house tailoring at no extra charge. This is how Dietrick was the only one, out of five men’s clothing stores to remain in Downtown Welland.
What sets Dietrick’s apart from other clothing stores? Dietrick’s success does not stem from one specific thing, but everything he has done for the past 50 years. Many people would agree that it is him, himself, who is the reason behind his success. His personality makes people feel comfortable in the store, along with his willingness and desire to help you. Dietrick describes his job as easy, because he gets to interact with his clients and has a genuine passion for what he does. Dietrick is very thankful to all of his customers, some of who are regulars and have brought generations of families to shop at his store.
With an ever-changing world, there is comfort in knowing that Dietrick has always, and will always offer the same quality of clothes, service and enjoyable experience at his store.
Dietrick has even coined the nickname “The Mayor of Cross Street” due to his longevity on the street and the way he looks after it.  When asking Dietrick if he ever plans on retiring and closing up shop, he replies with “If I ever retire, you might as well say I’m dead.” Now that’s commitment. 
Congratulations to Dietrick on 50 years of business, and thank you, for always being someone that the people of Welland can rely on!