WDBIA Feature with Master Nam from Welland Taekwondo

Some might think that joining a taekwondo studio means you will learn how to hit hard, kick high and be a strong fighter. This is all true, but there is so much more to this Korean martial art, especially if your instructor is Master Nam.

Master Nam owns and operates Welland Taekwondo on Division Street in Downtown Welland. There is no one who loves what he does, in the city that he does it, more than him. Before learning about what Master Nam teaches at his studio, let’s get to know his story.

Before Master Nam was “Master Nam”, he lived in Korea with his family and studied taekwondo like most children his age. He says taekwondo in Korea in comparable to hockey in Canada! There is a sort of unwritten rule that you must be trained in taekwondo and many parents expect their kids to at least earn a black belt! While Master Nam’s passion for taekwondo grew stronger, his interest in the country with the maple leaf flag grew as well.

One day, he pointed to a Canadian flag and asked his uncle, “What flag is that?”, so his uncle explained a little bit about Canada to him. He learned the basics of course, it’s the country above the United States, and we’re all very nice :). He had always thought fondly of Canada and then in his early 20’s, he finally decided that Canada needed another taekwondo master and another nurse (aka his wife).

How did they end up in Welland? Master Nam grew up in a large city, comparable to Toronto, so he knew he wanted to live somewhere a little quieter, and that smaller city ended up being Welland! As soon as Master Nam and his wife arrived in Canada, they got to work. Despite some financial struggles at first, he was able to open up his very own taekwondo studio, which had always been a dream from him. That’s Welland Taekwondo that we know and love today!

Master Nam says he was overwhelmed with support from his new Canadian neighbours, and instantly realized that he made the right decision.

What makes Master Nam’s taekwondo studio so special? Master Nam explains that learning taekwondo brings out many useful traits in a person like social skills, manners, confidence, quick thinking, self-respect, and respect for others. Taekwondo is a great accompaniment to a child/teen’s day-to-day school routine. It teaches things that aren’t taught in school and provides the opportunity to alleviate stress and build self-esteem!

One of Master Nam’s favourite things about his job is seeing growth in his students. In a short amount of time, students gain confidence in themselves and this confidence transfers over to their personal lives. Master Nam says his job is not just to teach martial arts, but to bring out what is special in each of his students. He says you should never compare yourself to others because everyone has something special, and he help you realize your full potential.

If you are looking for a way to enhance your life mentally and physically, consider joining Welland Taekwondo on 119 Division Street. Thank you Master Nam for being such a genuine, caring leader in our community!